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04 August 2009 @ 02:28 am
Before I leave for Seattle and Alaska tomorrow, I just wanted to say that I have really wonderful friends and I'm going to miss them all dearly next year. Had my second sleepover of my lifetime yesterday with Kristina, Anna, and Courtney and as everyone was falling asleep on Amelie, we pulled out the salsa and tortilla chips and the yearbooks and laughed about everyone and everything. I think high school might've been better than I thought.

It's funny how things change so fast. I remember when I used to come on here everyday, writing novels about everything that just slightly annoyed me. But now whenever I come here, I sit staring at the screen for hours trying to think of something to talk about. I think I got a life. I think I stopped caring so much. I think I like this.

Anyway, I'm really excited about Alaska. A little too excited since I've been bragging about the rainforest ziplining adventure to anyone who would listen. But usually excitement leads to high expectations which almost always leads to disappointment. Hopefully it won't follow the pattern this time.
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31 July 2009 @ 08:10 pm
I think every summer, I always have this slight pinch of hope that maybe, maybe someone will come by and sweep me off my feet. That boy, unfortunately, has yet to come but that movie has.

Warning, if you plan on ever watching 500 Days of Summer at any point in your life, this might be a good time for you to click the back button and resume your previous activities.

500 Days of Summer was just simply wonderful. For me, the wonder lies in... why didn't I think of that before? As much as anyone wants to think it's the perfect love story, well it's far far far from it (as it bluntly states in the disclaimer but I was still surprised during the film). Speaking as the naive little girl that I am, I guess I just never realized that love, or whatever it may be, often can be one-sided. I think I've been so consumed and selfish about the idea that I will someday find love that I disregarded the fact that he might just not love me back. It's such a simple concept and yet I seem to overlook the possibility of it ever happening to me. And especially watching that possibility dawn on a creature as beautiful as Joseph Gordon-Levitt is blasphemous... of course unless you're Zooey Deschanel.

Aside from all that, I loved the cinematography, music, costumes (I want all of Summer's dresses and a Tom in my life pleaaase). My personal favorite scene has to be the bench scene towards the end with Tom and Summer at his favorite spot - though their relationship might be seen as mostly a depressing/misleading one with everyone thinking Summer was a bitch for saying/doing what she said/did to Tom, those 500 days were not for a single minute a waste. They both learned something from each other and they are going to take it with them to the next chapter of their lives and I just thought that was the sweetest little message I've ever received in a movie.

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28 June 2009 @ 01:34 pm
Ed McMahon died on Tuesday. Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died on Thursday. Billy Mays died today. The insects that are using my house as a shelter from the 100 degrees weather in Sacramento are dying due to my murderous nature and my strong prejudice against them. I died a little bit when I found out Spain lost to the U.S in the Confederations Cup and that I had missed Fernando Torres' beautiful face again. But then I was resurrected Thriller style when I watched Brazil show U.S their place in futbol. I also revived my bass guitar yesterday by playing some tribute music for MJ - turned out to be unsuccessful so I tried to learn Starfucker's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (whom I saw on Wednesday) and Grizzly Bear's "Cheerleader" by ear instead.

So what's on the plate for next week?
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21 June 2009 @ 09:46 pm
originally had an entry-in-the-making about the adventures with the post-it posse (that consists of anna, kristina, maura, rachel, somewhat lien, and me) but decided that things are better left in my memories.

so fast forward a couple weeks and then it was my high school graduation which pretty much just flew over my head. managed to go to my first sleepover at courtney's house that night but did everything you're not suppose to do at a sleepover which was sleep. grad nite at disneyland the week after was interesting to say the least - especially when that (rather cute but rather sleezy) white kid waiting in line behind us at space mountain was hitting on us and after some time, ran up to me and then kristina and took a picture with us as i made the face of a frightened child who lost her mommy at wal-mart on black friday. i also got a taste of some of the hottest black guys i've ever seen in my life down there in anaheim. damn it if only my parents would approve.

and then summer so far has been rather eventful surprisingly. i thought i would be bored out of my mind but i've been keeping myself busy with daily bike rides over friends' houses, arrested development marathons (hulu, what would i do without you), and random movie marathons. i guess subconsciously i'm trying to take advantage of the most relaxing summer i'm going to have in a really long time. scary. so i'm gonna do that with lots of last minute vacations. hopefully something with my friends, something with my parents, and something by myself sorta. i should occupy myself with the gym too because i probably gained the freshman 15 before i even got to college.

today was father's day and this is probably the best i've been as a daughter in my life thus far. went to church and saw scott who will always be my oppa and caught up. i actually miss the kids there (and may i add that there's a new addition to the mei family, katelyn! so cute) minus the middle school brats who think they are the shit. i might be feeling a little bit sentimental right now only because the night before i crashed the merryhill elementary reunion and as they were reminiscing their old times, old memories came flashing back to me. i need some old hollywood park buddies to talk to but too bad most of them are either knocked up or in jail. anyway after church, i made chocolate-dipped strawberries for my dad and then went out to tower cafe to treat my family for dinner (let's emphasize that it was MY treat... well with that fabulous gift card that came with my $1000 scholarship anyway; that personal statement got me very far in life). my dad was in an especially good mood amidst such sour topics of dinner discussions. this is going to sound horrible no matter how i say it so here goes: i'm sorta glad my parents are having beef with my brother because 1) my parents finally agree on something 2) i seem like the more sensible child now. but really though, i think that relationship is just sailing down south and i am pretty sure everyone is just waiting for the day it crashes into some antartican iceberg and sink. i've been rather open-minded about this whole thing since the beginning but jesus christ even i think this is stupid and pathetic. if you ever read this: i don't even know who you are anymore but good luck. i've tried siding with you but i'm just hitting a wall now. don't come crawling back when that ship sinks but i'm pretty sure your ever-inflating ego and pride will overcompensate your heartbreak.
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24 May 2009 @ 07:41 pm
goood movie. better than y tu mamá también i think.

prom update coming later? but possibly never. all you need to know is that anna and i got the DJ to play passion pit's sleepyhead for us and it basically made my senior year.
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10 May 2009 @ 09:55 pm
So Anna and I decided to celebrate our long overdue legality last night with piercings. Yes ladies and gents I finally got my earlobes pierced. At Claire's - I'm so badass. But I think the best part about it wasn't the fact that I got my piercings but that I saw Matt P buy his diamond earrings there and found out that he also got his ears pierced there. Hahahaha dyingggg. We now have matching earrings.

Anna wanted to get her conch pierced so we walked around for 2 hours in midtown trying to find Sub Q which was hiding behind a parking lot. As an experienced urban planner I now realize how bad of an idea that is. During these two hours we saw the infamous Salmon sitting at the corner of 18th and J or something like that displaying his artwork from his Senior Project and letting people spray paint on this metal car piece. We mustered up the courage to chat with him and he remembered us and called us McClatchy! :) I spray-painted a peace sign on it which disappeared by the second and third time we walked by. Yeah we're creepers and yeah there's no doubt that he's an absolute sweetie and I want to see him in his underwear (for his play mind you).

We finally found Sub Q which closed 5 minutes before we got there. Lame. So we went to American Tattoos and watched Anna get her conch pierced. Looked somewhat painful (though Anna took it like a man) but soooo hot. I sorta want one. 

We left at like 11 and decided to pass by Caleb for the 4th time. Snapped a picture of his car/artwork.

We went to Mochii and had yogurt. Delicious. Then we wanted to go on the swings across the street at the park but freaks of nature decide to lock up the playground. We wanted to trespass but saw a cop drive by and feared that we might get arrested because also apparently 18+ are not allowed. What the crap is that?! We really wanted to get in touch with our inner child so we decided to go the park near my house but it was pitch black and slightly sketchy. We drove around for a bit and then stopped by Lien's house to show her our new piercings. We started running out of places to go to keep the night from ending but family members started worrying so we returned home. Oh I love Annamarie so much and I'm gonna miss her next year.

Is this sad that this is like some of the most fun I've ever had in my all 4 years of high school? And none of it required drugs or alcohol? (though I do experience this thing called tired high; for definition go on urban dictionary)
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03 May 2009 @ 06:04 pm
I miss those silly updates about my loves.

I'd marry Michael Angelakos and his sexy falsetto in a heartbeat. I wish I was (am) his girlfriend so I can say that the whole EP Chunk of Change was written for me. Oh why can't they come to San Francisco in June instead of the end of May when I have finals I have to pass so I can graduate? This is so upsetting. :(

And isn't this just the darnest thing?

Matt & Kim also made streaking look like bundles of fun. This is definitely going on the list of things to do before I die.

and I'm going to post Empire of the Sun just because they make brilliant music videos (Walking on a Dream is looove).

alright now everyone come obsess with me
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19 April 2009 @ 10:20 am
Went to Cal Day yesterday. First time visiting Berkeley as an admitted student and that definitely changes your perspective on things.

I never really got to talk about UCSD because honestly, I didn't have much to say. It's a nice school but perhaps I didn't really understand the "beauty" everyone was talking about. Maybe it's the beach appeal but I can't even swim and running around in a bikini isn't exactly my idea of paradise. Not to mention that my college is way off in the corner by a bunch of ugly buildings under construction. The campus is too big and the probability of me getting lost every single day of my freshman year is too high. I thought the 6 college system would be sort of cute but then I realized that it resembled HISP too much and segregated the students into their respective colleges. Nothing was really convenient... there's like one plaza nearby and that's it. Also, the lack of a school spirit was kind of disappointing.

Cal Day was a lot better. Perhaps because I wasn't roaming around aimlessly and had Kristina's dad (who's an alumni there) take us around. The culture and environment at Berkeley is just so much more thrilling. All the shops and restaurants surrounding the campus make everything so convenient and there were people walking on the sidewalks (this has always been the number one thing that irked me about Sacramento)! There was a minor protest going on about John Yoo committing war crimes at Guantanamo Bay - not that I know what any of it was about but I think it's this kind of exposure that will make me more politically aware as a person. And I think the old-looking buildings give the campus character so I don't really mind. On the whole, the people seemed a lot happier and friendlier.

Not to say that San Diego is not a good school, because it's an excellent school. But I feel like I'm going to get so much more out of Berkeley because of the rigor and competitiveness of the school. Yes I'm feeling the intimidation already but I think this will motivate me more than anything, which is something I desperately need right now. I'm nervous about not being able to keep up but this is coming from a lazy senior who has a severe case of senioritis. I just messed around a little bit too much this year, that's not anything that I can't fix. I will think of Berkeley as Mrs. Young x5 and I'm pretty sure it's manageable. If I just keep my head on my shoulders, everything will be fine.

The same night, I had a big family birthday dinner with my relatives and everyone was so proud of me. It was really flattering. Talking to my cousins Derek and Stephanie (alumni and current student) about it made me feel like I made the right decision. I'm starting to get excited already. :)

So can I say that I'm an (unofficial) Cal Bear now?
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12 April 2009 @ 08:50 pm
friendly fires last night at the slim's in SF with courtney and lien! love love love them. didn't really like the soft pack and white lies that much but oh well. we were in the very very left front and the guitarist edd gibson was so close to us that we got all flustered when they were setting up. but lien finally asked him for a picture after staring at him for 10 minutes like a bunch of creepy fangirls while he was leaning down an inch away from our faces. and then in his sexy british accent he goes "do you want to be in the picture?" YES PLEASE and so voila!

he's so sweeet. before us, he went over to some other chick and signed their vinyl album. he has this incredible smile after every song and it's soooo cute.
ed macfarlane is adorabe as well. i had no idea what to expect but i was in for such a great surprise. his dancing! holy crap find me a boy like that for senior ball please and my life as a high school student will be complete.

sucky thing was that ed's back was turned towards us almost the whole entire time so it took me 329058 tries to get an okay front shot. well the bonus on seeing his back was seeing the rip on his pants. he also had lovely shoes with cats on them.

in their last song, the lead singer from the soft pack came out in his underwear and danced. i loved seeing edd's reaction (okay yeah sense some intense infatuation right now).

people in sf are so nice too. i always meet really nice girls at these venues. these two girls got two picks off of stage and gave one to us because they "saw us dancing" and knew we liked them a lot. oh jesus were we that crazy?

ahh i want to go see them again! watching them felt like going to my first dance with my crush or something. i've been giggling and smiling all day.
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26 March 2009 @ 05:23 pm
for several years, i always thought people were stupid for choosing other uc's over uc berkeley.
but i guess i might be stupid too. :/
i really can't believe this. i really didn't think i was going to get in. i'm happy, flattered, surprised, and upset all at the same time.
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